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Respected throughout Nantes and the West and known for our indepth knowledge of the property market and for providing honest advice backed up by sensible pricing strategies. We offer a complete property service, from sales and exclusive homes to lettings, property management.


Nantes - a good investment.

If you find the french real estate market complex and if you would like assistance finding your own flat in Nantes then we might be able to help you.


Big selection of apartments in Nantes.

IMMEA offers apartments all over the city in all imaginable sizes, conditions and price ranges. See our selection of apartments.


Office in Nantes with international real estate agents.

We offer a professional service and are experienced in the property market. We will gladly help you find an apartment when you next visit NANTES


Why Nantes?

Nantes offers best quality, reasonable growth and serious investment. It still is one of the most inexpensive big city in Europe - although economic indicators are favourable. Start your investment in the Nantes market with our great offerings - for example, one of our numerous apartments.

contact us : 00 33 (0) 240 500 000


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